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This page is home to all the links you'll need to guide your research process. Read about how the United Nations works as well as view research guides to aid you as you begin learning about your nation.

Learning About the United Nations

All the quick links you need to learn about how the real-world United Nations works. Be sure to apply this information when writing resolutions and crafting questions to use in debate!

To learn the basic history of the United Nations, click here.

Read about the history of the UN's Charter, which establishes the major principles of international relations.

Test your team's knowledge of the United Nations.

Read about what the UN does, how it works, and some of the major global issues they are actively fighting against today.

Learn about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how they are actively working to achieve all 17. In addition, sponsors may utilize this learning plan to help their students understand more about these global goals.

Click here for a list of all UN Agencies you may wish to include in your resolution. Sponsors may wish to have their teams fill out this chart to use for reference.

Researching Your Nation

Guidelines to researching your nation. Utilize the links to make sure you know as much as possible about your nation in time for the conference!

Guide to researching the historical information about your nation.

Guide to researching the economical information about your nation.

Guide to researching the social information about your nation.

Guide to researching the political information about your nation.

Read about some of the positive and negative things to keep an eye out for as you research.

Compare your living conditions to that of your nation's.

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