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Delegates often ask, “We’ve learned so much about our nation.  Besides passing a resolution, how can we help our nation?”


MINI-GRANTS are the answer. Researching your nation probably opened your eyes to many problems in your country and how many non-UN agencies (NGOs) and programs are addressing these problems. We want your knowledge, concern, and passion to be put into action that can make a difference to your nation and remind you that you CAN make a difference in international issues.


JUNA will set aside $300.00 to send to agencies that can help your nation. All you must do is decide which issue you’d like to address, find the agency and link its purpose to the selected issue, and fill out the mini-grant application. Your issue may or may not have anything to do with your resolution topic, but the agency must be able to help your nation in some way. 

A panel will read the grant applications and select six to receive a $50.00 donation to the agency.  All mini-grants need to be posted on the nation’s display board.

Mini-grant submissions are due January 11th!

Please fill out the following form and email it to Mrs. Dulin ( in order to submit your Mini-Grant:






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