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  • Finalize your resolution using the best parts of each student resolution.  Resources: Rubric for an Exemplary Resolution, In-Depth Directions, Helpful Checklist, Anatomy all under Writing/Presenting on Sponsors/Training page of website

  • Write 3-minute speech, also called “defense speech.”  Resources: Defense Speech Rubric under Writing/Presenting  AND all docs under Presenting Your Resolution section

  • Determine team roles (2-3 defenders of resolution, English speaker, native language speaker, flag maker, Security Council representative, display board maker, costume chief, mini-grant chief, etc.).  See Assignments and Rubrics under Team Jobs on Sponsors/Training page of website; adapt these documents for YOUR use- they were developed by a teacher of 8th grade students who received grades.

  • Resolutions and Fees DUE November 10. Submit your resolution as a Word document via email. (Google docs are not accepted because of formatting shifts that take a LONG time to fix.)

Check that your resolution meets ALL the points in Helpful Checklist for Formatting Your Resolution.

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