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Going to the Security Council means that you'll be a part of a discussion about an international issue.  It's an exciting part of JUNA that lets you discuss and debate international issues with others in a small group. Security Council meets on Friday of JUNA. TWO delegates from each nation serves on the Security Council.


You will receive information about the issue in mid-October.  You should read all this information and investigate how your nation and region is affected by this issue, and what your nation thinks about the issue.  Use the links that are provided in the scenario to help with your research. Keeping up with current events is important, because the crisis or issue generally concerns a current problem.


After the issue is announced at JUNA, you and the other Security Council representatives attend a bloc meeting with other nations.  You'll discuss the issue and, as a group, write a short resolution about the action or position your bloc will take. You have about 45-60 minutes to do this. In your bloc, the majority of your bloc members must agree on the resolution before it can be presented to the voting members of the Security Council, which are listed below.


Then, all six blocs meet together and present their resolutions to the voting Security Council delegates and other members.  Delegates may ask questions about the resolution. Only the members of the Security Council (the 5 permanent members plus 10 rotating members listed below) may vote on the resolution.  A "no" vote from a permanent member kills the resolution. Some years, no resolution passes.


If a resolution passes, it's presented in General Assembly during the "Security Council Debriefing" section of the day.

UN permanent members 

These nations vote yes or no and help write every resolution. Any no vote from one of these members immediately kills the resolution and it cannot be brought back up for a vote.

United States of America



United Kingdom


This year's rotating members

These nations both help with writing resolutions, and vote yes or no. Their no votes do NOT kill a resolution











All other nations will attend security council by participating in blocs. Each bloc was randomly selected to fill out six groups, J U N A Of AL. Each bloc has both voting members and non voting members. Non voting members can participate in debating, writing, and presenting the resolution to the voting members of the council listed above, but cannot vote on any resolutions presented. To access your bloc, please click here.

Security Council Info
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