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JUNA of Alabama Media Policy

Photographers will take pictures at JUNA and some of these pictures will be used to create the JUNA brochure and web site. It is difficult to make sure that individual photo restrictions are upheld. For JUNA 2012 and on, it is the understanding of all JUNA participants and their parents that photographs will most likely be taken of the participant and it is the right of JUNA of Alabama to use and distribute these photographs in order to promote JUNA of Alabama. However, only a participant's school will be captioned with the photograph and the participant's real name will not be listed. This policy applies to any photograph taken of any student, student leader, teacher, and/or parent who attends any portion of the JUNA conference.

Questions, comments, or concerns about the JUNA of Alabama Media Policy can be directed to Patrick Trammell, Director of Technologies at
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