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JUNA Student Leaders for 2018


Officers: Annie Mae Pride, Ashley Stanford, Will Vice, Cameron Bowley, Yancey Williams, Sarah Jaeggers, Anne Roberts
Tyler Morris and Chase Cowart
Minigrant Chairs:
Adrienne Belser and Connie Craig
Cameron Chapple, Casey Rickles, Victoria Kindall, Mae Stacey, Kate Kiani
Tech Team: Harrison Clark, Samantha Torch, August Boyd, Emily Snow, Sam Somerville, Turner Cole
Committee Chairs and Secuiry Council Monitors: Veronica Kloss, Claire Tumlin, Katelyn Griffin, Raven Horn, Adrienne Belser, Azalea McRae, Connie Craig, Ryan Engle, Matthew Mugweru, Hunter Crawford, Mustafa Enver, Janie Gray, Joy Buchi, Chase Cowart, Kaelyn Harris, Kate Kiani
Display Board Chairs:
Mustafa Enver, Janie Gray, Katelyn Griffin
Senior Assistants:
Sarathi Shah, Madison O'Connell, Rachael Bowley, Ozioma Ozor-lla,
Mae Stacey, Tyler Morris
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