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JUNA Sponsors Online

The following pages have all of the information needed for JUNA. It includes sections on Getting Started, Researching a Country, and writing a resolution/ presenting at JUNA. You can navigate through all of the different sections as the top of the page. So get started, learn lots, and have fun!

These are some of the documents that will be included in the resolution book as well as other documents such as the JUNA payment form and information about how committees work. 

This page is used to publish documents that will be all you will need to get going and they will help guide you through all of the steps in JUNA. Especially for new sponsors, these documents can help you to gain a basic understanding of how JUNA runs and operates and how you can teach your student about the U.N. 

This page is where JUNA of Alabama will post various forms that need to be filled out and submitted to us. You will be notified via email whenever we publish a new form and each form will have a specific date when it is due. After this date, the form will be removed from the website and can only be filled out by contacting the JUNA Director. 

This page is currently under construction. Upon its completion, it will contain a gallery of all of JUNA's various videos including promos, training videos, examples, and more! Stay tuned for more!
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