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This page contains documents that will help guide you through all of the steps in JUNA. Especially for new sponsors, these documents can help you to gain a basic understanding of how JUNA runs and operates and how you can teach your student about the U.N. Click on any of the below documents to open the entire document.

Getting Started
​    - Month by Month
    - U.N. Quiz

​    - Historical
    - Geographic
    - Economic
    - Social
    - Political
    - Red Flags and Blessings
    - Agencies of the U.N. 
    - Agency Chart Activity
    - Researching Resolutions Before JUNA

Writing Your Resolution
​    - Planning a Resolution
    - Preambulatory and Operatory Clauses   
    - Assignments and Rubrics
            Note: This is an in-depth example of how one teacher organized her jobs. Adapt it to your use! What's most important                                are the job descriptions and duties. 
    - Rubric For an Exemplary Resolution
    - In-Depth Directions for Writing a Resolution: structure, content, and format
    - Helpful Checklist for Formatting Your Resolution
    - Anatomy of a Resolution
    - Researching Resolutions Before JUNA
Presenting Your Resolution
    - Defense and Summary Speeches
    - Writing a Defense Speech
    - Defense Speech Rubric
            Note: This is a guide to help create a great defense speech.
    - Asking Questions at JUNA
Sample Resolutions
    - Resolution Needing Improvement
    - Outstanding Resolutions
Other Helpful Links
    - Security Council Information 
    - Display Board Information and Examples
    - Mini-Grant Information
    - 60 Ways the UN Makes A Difference
    - Sustainable Development Goals
    - UN: What We Do
    - About the UN 
    - Five main purposes of the UN
    - If It Were MY Home: comparing nations
    - Levels of questions; encourage your delegates to ask and be able to answer higher              level questions about resolutions
    -Student Testimonies
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